Oh my, Ben and Jane are honestly. I've gotten my hair done with them several times, and EVERY time my hair turned out nothing less than amazing Their salon looks amazing too. Jane is the master at work, and Ben, is the supportive husband, alongside assisting her. They will give you realistic advice on what can be done to your hair because, well, everyone's hair is different. Not only do they care about what you want, they also care about what your hair needs. Other places will just bleach and color the crap out of your hair and boom, done! No. Ben and Jane are there to protect the integrity and health of your hair. They really are attentive and really take their time. I enjoy being pampered by them so much. They are such a sweet couple, and they deserve every 5 star review on here, truly. If you love experimenting hair as much as I do, give them a call ;)

Ellen T


When I tell you, you get what you pay for, this is the type of place you want to go to to fix all the mistakes other salons made.

Jane and her husband spent about 20 minutes for the consultation, and gave me realistic advice based on my hair that I couldn't achieve the example photo I brought. I could go super blonde and bright, but that would have damaged my hair even more and they knew it would be better to not get my hopes up, only to be disappointed later. In the end I absolutely love my haircut and balayage dye!

My hair doesn't feel dead and she trimmed my bob down to make it light and fluffy. 10/10 would come back again


Balayage with haircut, love it!!

Alice K


They take your temperature as you enter, require you to wear face mask, and provide hand sanitizer. (Clara was thoughtful-she provided me with a disposable mask because the dye would get on my personal
The owner here is great too! He's attentive and friendly. How can this place get any better??
The entire process (haircut and color) did not take long and I am thankful for that because some places that I went to before took a long time AND the turn out was horrible. Even though it was quick, it just means they're great at what they do. I love the end product!
A million thank yous to Beauty Box!

Daisy Oh


I got my haircut by Clara. She did an amazing job. I love it. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with her. She asked me what I would like and gave me exactly what I wanted. She cuts fast, well, and evenly. Personally, I like it when my hair dresser does not talk to me a lot because to me that is an indication to me that my hair dresser is very focused on cutting my hair. They take COVID precautionary very seriously, so I felt very safe. Clara is now my go to hair dresser in OC area.

Diana T